The Best Things to Do in Barcelona This Spring

March 16, 2017 10:00 am

Start your year right with these fantastic things to do in Barcelona this Spring

The city comes alive in the spring months with a long list of exciting events and festivals, ranging from religious celebrations to heart racing Flamenco performances. As the weather warms and clear skies return to Barcelona, the months of March to early June are a fantastic time to visit the city without the threat of rain or blistering heat. Discover the best things to get up to Barcelona this Spring below.

Things to do in Barcelona this Spring
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Semana Santa

Easter is a big deal in a country as religious as Spain and April’s Semana Santa (Holy Week) is full of breathtaking processions and celebrations to honour the ascension of Christ. With vibrant festivals welcoming people of all walks of faith, Easter Sunday is easily the busiest day with church ceremonies and processions all day long. However be warned that many businesses will be closed for the holidays, so it’s worth saving your souvenir shopping for another weekend.

Sant Jordi

Fall in love all over again on Sant Jordi, a festival of love and celebration on April 23rd akin to Spanish Valentine’s Day. Held to honour Catalunya’s patron saint Saint George – or Sant Jordi in Catalan – the streets are lined with roses. Like February 14th, it’s a tradition to exchange roses and gifts with your loved ones and markets at La Rambla bring a festive atmosphere. Books also play a big role in this holiday as Sant Jordi gifts, so booksellers and second hand stalls will be out in full force.

Festival Ciutat de Flamenco

See this fiery Spanish dance in all its glory at this Barcelona festival, where the best dancers and musicians will showcase their talent. Dedicated to spreading the spirit of Flamenco on a global scale as well as evolving the tradition, this four day extravaganza is usually held in May and features performances as well as workshops for those keen to get involved.

Things to do in Barcelona this Spring
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Le Nit des Nils

Save yourself a few Euros and make your rounds of Barcelona’s cultural institutions on Le Nit des Nils, a May evening when over 3000 museums allow visitors to explore their exhibits for free. With new sites added every year as diverse as botanical centres to archaeological ventures, it’s a great way to discover Barcelona’s rich cultural scene.

Feria de Abril

Try a taste of Andalusia in Barcelona at this April fair, popularised by Andalusian immigrants in Barcelona keen on celebrating their culture. This whirlwind of colour and joy features live music, food stalls, craft markets and an infectious carnival atmosphere that will have you grinning all day long.

Girona Flower Festival

While the Girona Flower Festival isn’t exactly within city limits, it’s worth venturing beyond Barcelona’s borders for a day to see the best of Spain’s spring florals. While Girona is stunning at all times of the year, the town’s streets and key landmarks are transformed by rainbows of botanical installations. Even residents get into the spirit of the season with flowers growing on every doorstep, filling the air with sweet scents.

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