Barcelona Street Food

The Best Street Food in Barcelona

April 20, 2017 10:00 am

A mix of tradition and innovation, here’s some of the best street food in Barcelona

Barcelona’s culinary scene is a diverse one, attracting chefs and tastes from all walks of life and cultural traditions. A walk through the Gothic Quarter will take you past bustling food stalls and there’s always a bocadillo waiting for you at the city’s many hole-in-the-wall joints, but not all street food is made equal. Here’s some of the best places to grab street food in Barcelona.

Caravan Made

Caravan Made, one of the darlings of Barcelona’s changing street food scene, bring together modern and traditional tastes with their innovative bocadillos. Bocadillos, a staple of Barcelona’s street food scene, are long sandwiches made from freshly baked Spanish bread and filled with meats, cheeses and sauces such as aioli, however Caravan Made kicks things up a notch. Served out of a repurposed 70s caravan, they’re best known for their sweet potato bocadillo as well as their ginger pork sandwich.

What they serve: Bocadillos

I’ve never seen a sandwich with so much hype

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Bó de B

Blink and you’ll miss it, Bó de B is a little restaurant situated in the Gothic Quarter specialising in traditional street food and well worth the adventure to find it. Unlike Caravan Made, Bó de B’s bocadillos tend to skew more traditional and customers can pick and choose their fillings. Renowned for serving up great street food at fantastic value (bocadillos cost a mere 3-5 Euros each), their patatas bravas and salads are also fondly regarded.

What they serve: Bocadillos, patatas bravas, salads

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Palo Alto Market Barcelona

This creative market held on the first weekend of every month is usually where you’ll find the city’s hipsters hanging out, perusing the stalls for indie fashion finds or sinking their teeth into a bao. With some of the city’s heaviest street food hitters frequently in appearance, you’ll want to keep an eye out for Kaixito Street Food and La Antigua de Mexico on your visit.

What they serve: Where to begin? Tacos, bocadillo, Japanese fusion, ceviche…


Any vegetarians around? One of Barcelona’s best street food options is veggie friendly and nestled in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, alongside a plethora of other street food stalls. Specialising in falafels and salads, these guys are a great option for a no-fuss meal and you even get to customise your falafels to a certain extent with sauces, fillings and more. (They also have a couple of vegan options too!)

What they serve: Vegetarian and vegan friendly falafels and salads

La Taguara Areperia

Discover the tastes of Venezuela at La Taguara Areperia, a relatively young street food joint that’s fast becoming a local favourite. Specialising in arepa, a Venezuelan flatbread made from corn and filled with vegetables, meat, cheese and more, they have a menu that caters to both traditional and more adventurous tastes. (Baked bananas and gouda cheese, anyone?)

What they serve: Arepas, juices, cachapas

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