Facts about Casa de les Punxes

Top 10 Facts about Casa de les Punxes

May 24, 2018 10:45 am

One of Barcelona’s most iconic art nouveau buildings, discover top facts about Casa de les Punxes.

Wander through Barcelona’s Art Nouveau neighbourhood and you’ll stumble across Casa de les Punxes – a striking building which looks like a miniature neo-Gothic castle. Since it opened to the public just last year, it’s quickly become one of the best hotspots for architecture and history lovers alike. Here’s some facts about Casa de les Punxes to get you started…

Facts about Casa de les Punxes

Casa de les Punxes was named after its most iconic feature

This striking building designed by Josep Puig i Cadafalch has a distinctly medieval feel to it, despite having been built in 1905. The structure is named for the imposing spikes (punxes) at the top of its four turrets.

Casa de les Punxes was designed by Josep Puig i Cadafalch

Cadafalch was commissioned by the influential Terradas family to built this legendary structure. At this point, he was already one of Barcelona’s most prominent architects with a signature style that blended his historical education, love of Barcelona’s local traditions and distinctly modern aesthetics.

Facts about Casa de les Punxes

Saint Jordi is referenced throughout the house multiple times

Saint Jordi, the patron saint of Catalonia, is a prominent figure throughout the home’s iconography. From a large ceramic mural on the corner of the building to its stained galss windows, the so-called protector of lovers and Christian figure is easy to spot throughout the house in his armour and roses.

Casa de les Punxes was only classified a national monument in the forty years

Although Casa de les Punxes has been around since 1905, it wasn’t until 1976 that it was declared a cultural asset of National Interest. The year before, the modernist structure was also given national monument status.

Facts about Casa de les Punxes

The building was actually designed as an apartment block

The Terradas family approached Josep Puig i Cadafalch to design a unique home for its three daughters, who each had their separate spaces within the building. Although the building looks like one big block, it’s actually three interconnected towers – one for each sister. When they passed away, the house was then handed onto their brother.

Casa de les Punxes has only been open to the public for over a year

After undergoing extensive renovations throughout 2016, the house opened its doors to the public last year. It was last open over a century ago and guided tours regularly take place, showing interested parties through its stained glass hallways and into one of its spires.

Facts about Casa de les Punxes

In 2016, the house was heavily renovated

In recent years, Casa de les Punxes has undergone a number of changes from its original design thanks to new residents and the wear of time. A big renovation project in 2016 removed a number of details to restore the home to Cadafalch’s original vision and also add in a few modern utilities, including a lift.

A number of artists were commissioned to work on the building

Casa de les Punxes combines not just Cadfalch’s fantastic architectural designs, but also the works of ceramic artists, stained glass window makers and sculpturists. These include Manuel Ballarin, who designed the intricate iron balconies, sculptures by Alfons Juyol and stained glass windows by Eduard Amigo.

Facts about Casa de les Punxes

The house is filled with symbolic figures

Beyond Saint Jordi, there’s a number of recurring design elements throughout the house. They include vegetables, mythological figures with horns and delicate flowers including daisies, roses and clovers to appeal to the Terradas sisters’ sensibilities.

Casa de les Punxes is the only detached house in its neighbourhood

Located in L’Eixample, the distinctive house is not only recognisable by its neo-Gothic facade but also by the fact that it’s completely detached from everything else. It sits a slight distance apart from the surrounding residential buil

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